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    Using Teamwork to Achieve the Gold Standards of Food Safety

    Putting together a successful food safety and quality program can seem like you’re preparing for the Olympics.  It takes commitment, dedication, resources and skills.  Whether you’re training for an individual or a team sport in the Olympics, there are multiple people that need to be involved in order to achieve success.  This mirrors the preparation for your food safety and quality programs.  In today’s world, teams are different than they were in the past.  They’re far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic.  But while teams face new hurdles, their success still hinges on a core set of fundamentals for group collaboration and a shared mindset.

    In a recent article put out by the Harvard Business Review, they discuss what matters most to collaboration is not the personalities, attitudes, or behavioral styles of team members. Instead, what teams need to thrive are certain “enabling conditions.”   In our food safety and quality world, this can be obtained with management commitment, employee training and recognizing success.

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