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    Steps to Keep Your Site Compliant During COVID-19

    By Kathy Chiao, Marketing Specialist

    Through 2020 Q1 and Q2, we have experienced the challenges brought on the COVID-19 pandemic. Our industry adapted to continue to uphold our food safety promise to the global community. To support you, SQFI has created a quick list to help your site maintain compliance during the COVID-19 influenced landscape.

    In compliance with guidelines with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), SQF has the following steps to keep your site compliant during this time.

    Register for your Audit in SQF Database
    Your site’s registration requirements remain consistent and must be completed prior to any audit activities, remote or on-site.
    Register in the SQF Assessment Database

    Conduct Risk Assessment with your Certification Body
    Contact your certification body to conduct a risk assessment for your site. The purpose of the risk assessment is to  understand the risk level to extending your certificate and if remote activities are available for your audit process.
    Access the SQFI Risk Assessment Guidance Document

    Apply for Remote Audit Activities through your Certification Body
    All current and prospective SQF Sites across all FSCs are eligible to apply for a portion of the audit to be done via remote activities. Sites must apply through their CB. CBs will grant approval after conducting a feasibility assessment to assess the risk and ability to conduct any part of the audit remotely.
    Contact your certification body

    Remote Activities up to 50% of Audit Process
    The revised SQF Audit Process Policy allows for remote activities to be conducted through the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) for all SQF Codes, including the SQF Fundamentals Program, and all audit types except for unannounced audits. Remote activities can only account for up to 50% of the audit duration; a minimum of 50% of the audit still needs to be held on-site.
    Read the Remote Activities for Audit Process Guidance

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