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    SQF Quality Systems for Manufacturing Course – 30 Days to Understanding Quality

    SQFI has created a Quality Program for those sites who desire to go above and beyond food safety. The Quality Program is designed to monitor and control food quality related threats. This program is most suited for sites that have already implemented a successful, robust SQF Food Safety Plan. Additionally, the SQF Quality Program can be implemented in tandem with the SQF Food Safety Program.

    The SQF Quality Code uses the Codex HACCP method to identify and control quality threats, and addresses process controls to monitor product quality, identify deviations from control parameters and define corrections necessary to keep processes under control.

    The SQF Quality Code incorporates quality management principles necessary to facilitate a company culture that simultaneously promotes food safety and quality.

    The SQF Quality Systems for Manufacturing course will clarify the relationship between safety and quality. Understand process variation, how to use data to understand your system, how to prevent defects with statistical process controls, and more.

    Who Should Take the Course?

    Food safety professionals responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining requirements of the SQF Quality Code.

    A sampling of the course content:

    • What is Quality? Defining Quality in the Food Industry
    • Quality Concepts
    • HACCP for Quality
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Applying Quality Management Principles

    This course is accompanied by a workbook that contains practical activities that will help you apply the concepts covered in the course. Each module of the course will end with a brief quiz to assess your understanding of that module’s information. After completing this self-paced online course, you will earn a certificate of completion.

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