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    SQF Code Edition 9 Continues to Embody One World, One Standard

    Globalization has revolutionized the food supply chain and brought with it a whole new world of opportunities for businesses. However, along with these opportunities also comes more risks. Consumers and retailers are demanding the highest levels of safety, quality, and responsibility from companies now more than ever. They expect companies to follow all the stringent industry and regulatory standards in order to meet global requirements and set the highest standards. 

    At SQFI, we strive to be your partner in fulfilling the pinnacle levels of safety to maintain universal recognition and trust in the safety and quality of your products, services, and processes. We believe in One World. One Standard.

    A Globally Recognized Food Safety Management System 

    As part of this continued commitment, SQFI continues to align with the latest GFSI benchmarking criteria. Powered by The Consumer Goods Forum, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) was created in 2000 to build consumers’ trust in the food they buy – no matter where their food has come from, nor where in the world they live – by improving food safety management practices.  

    Food operators worldwide are streamlining their processes and growing their businesses through certification with the GFSI-recognized SQF Certification. The SQF family of food safety and quality codes is designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain. Edition 9 of the SQF Code was created both to align with GFSI standards and to streamline the auditing and certification experience for an even more seamless and easy to understand process. 

    Get Certified. Protect Your Brand. Instill Trust. Expand Your Reach.  

    Everyone benefits from food safety, but perhaps no one more than trading partners. Their trust is an essential driver of your relationship. They trust that the suppliers of your ingredients are effectively managed, your track and trace systems are efficient, and your company embodies a strong food safety culture.   

    Avoiding costly recalls is important for everyone, but it’s particularly pivotal for your trading reputation. SQF Certification is a must because facing supply chain vulnerabilities, eroding your brand reputation and trust aren’t risks worth taking. You can rest assured that taking part in the SQF certification process is a decision that requires no risk.  

    As we strive for One World, One Standard, we recognize implementing a food safety management system can be intimidating for the first time. You want to uphold the highest food safety standards, but the path to certification feels unclear, time-intensive, and expensive. Breaking down the certification process is key to building a roadmap. You need to understand global and national standards, assign the right responsibilities to the right people, and know where your investment is going and how you will see a return.  

    When we updated our Code to Edition 9, SQFI was deliberate and diligent about making changes to simplify the understanding of the Code itself and continue to make the process even easier to understand so you can gain clarity and grow globally.  

    Download the SQF Edition 9 Code 

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