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    Showcase your SQF Pride and Publicize your SQF Certification

    By Seton Talty, Marketing & Customer Service Assistant

    Whether you’re receiving your first SQF certification, highlighting your employee’s commitment to food safety, or writing an email, there is always an opportunity to share your SQF pride online or in-person.

    We’re sharing a few examples and look forward to seeing more of you in our feeds – be sure to tag us when on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

    Showcase Your New SQF Certification

    We’re really excited to see Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC) Inventory & Production Manager, Dave T,  featured on ABC Brew podcast share brewery operations and their recent SQF certification. Mike spoke about how SQF Certification provides ABC a third-party food safety validation and a system of accountability,  assuring customers of their robust food safety program. Being connected to a globally recognized food safety management program was important to their business.

    As ABC Owner, Artie Tafoya posted on LinkedIn, “Our customers have trusted ABC to create and deliver high-quality products every time they reach for one of our craft beverages. Ensuring the safety and quality of our products is the highest priority as a business. We are proud to receive SQF Certification, an achievement that reinforces ABC’s longstanding commitment to our customers and friends that ABC products are high-quality, safe, and trusted.”

    Use Your Digital Channels to Showcase your SQF Connection 

    Like the ABC Brew company, it’s easy to add SQF to your LinkedIn Company page or ask your team members to add SQF to their profiles or posts. The SQFI LinkedIn has more than 10,000 followers, so tag us and we will repost your post as appropriate.

    Highlight Your Accomplishments with the Media 

    This past June, 5 Generation Bakers applauded their team’s work achieving their SQF Certification with a publication on Supermarket Perimeter. President of 5 Generation Bakers, Scott Baker,  shared, “for us to succeed as we have is a testament to the hard work and dedication not only of Denice [Director of HR], but of every single one of our team members.” Food safety is an ongoing commitment and completing your annual SQF certification is a great time to appreciate the efforts everyone put in to succeed.

    Here are some press release samples:

    In addition to your local news outlets, consider trade press for your media relations outreach such as Food Safety News,  Progressive Grocer, and trade publications in your food sector space such as Progressive Dairy Magazine,  and  Craft Brewing &  Beer Magazine.

    Add SQF to Your Employee Email Signature 

    Many SQF Certified Sites and Professionals include the SQF Logo in their email signature alongside their other certifications. Download the SQF logo here. As always, please refer to our SQF Logo Rules of Use (Appendix 3)  when using the SQF logo.

    Show Your SQF Pride with On-Site Signage or Apparel for Employees 

    Arrange a “Proud to be an SQF Certified Site” sign or banner at your site to shout it loud and proud. If that’s not your style – another great way to showcase your SQF certification is on yourself…literally! The SQF online store also has baseball caps, vests, shirts and more. What a great way to congratulate your team’s hard work to achieve SQF certification.

    Please reach out to us with questions, ideas, and alerts of how you are showcasing your SQF Pride! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

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