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    Learn a Step-By-Step Process to Mitigate Risk with the SQF Practitioner Training Program: Risk Assessment

    Train and Gain Greater Food Safety by Identifying Risks

    Risk assessments are the backbone to any functioning food safety management system. They are inherently part of many of the system elements of SQF. Specifically, the food safety plan, environmental monitoring program, food defense, food fraud and allergen management program all employ the use of risk assessments in determining if hazards of concern need control. The structure and approach to complete these risk assessments are usually prescribed by other sources of authority such as Codex Alimentarius or regulatory authorities. 

    Within this industry, there will always be a risk that the food we make can become unsafe. Our job is to minimize that risk as much as possible. One tool we have to accomplish that is a Risk Assessment. As part of a new set of online, self-paced trainings and exams, our SQF Implementing: Risk Assessment is now available to help you address this issue.  

    Take the Risk Assessment Course

    Risk Assessments are so important that, on top of being integrated within the HACCP and Food Safety Plans, they are also required for the implementation of several SQF programs. In this course, we will introduce a step-by-step process that will help you identify and mitigate food safety risk, food fraud risk and food defense risk.

    This training is offered in both English and Spanish.

    Benefits of the SQF Implementing: Risk Assessment Course

    By the end of this comprehensive course, you will have the knowledge and tools to be able to:

    • Understand the difference between food safety risk, food fraud risk, and food defense risk
    • Identify the appropriate tools to use for Risk Assessment, vulnerability assessment, and threat assessment
    • Describe how likelihood and severity interact to determine levels of risk in a risk matrix
    • Explain how to determine a site’s vulnerability to food fraud
    • Recognize what element(s) of food defense your site can control

    Take the Risk Assessment Course

    Our online trainings are designed to help you have a clear understanding of the latest code requirements and give you the tools you need to effectively prepare for certification audits. Get started with this course today and conveniently continue at your own pace. 

    If you’d like to learn more about the other courses in the SQF Practitioner Training Program, click here.

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