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    Continuing the Commitment to Food Safety and Quality

    Our commitment to food safety and quality assurance governs every decision we make.  Though food safety has always been priority, increasing regulation has made food safety a legal issue and the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of manufacturers, retailers and their trading partners. The global movement to improve transparency in the food supply chain and quality standards assures traceability and accountability. It takes a 365-daily approach to commitment in order to achieve a successful food safety and quality system.

    SQFI provides our stakeholders with the tools and resources needed to maintain and implement the SQF Program resulting in safe products, brand confidence, and reassured customers.

    Commitment to the longevity and sustainability of the SQF Program is what encompasses our growing organization and change.  We are excited to announce the appointment of Gigi Vita as the Vice President of Sales for SQFI. Vita will be responsible for developing and managing the SQFI Global Sales Force at FMI.

    SQF Certified Sites have the opportunity for growth and change to better their processes and procedures and take their program to the next level.  They can do this through the SQFI Select Site program.

    Being transparent about your food safety and quality processes isn’t something that is achieved overnight.  If truth and candor were systematic in corporate practice and in the regulatory protocols, your buyer could make informed decisions about purchasing your product. It takes a strong food safety culture followed by effective training and engaging communication, to tell the story to your stakeholders that you’re committed to food safety.  By volunteering in the SQFI Select Site program, it communicates to your stakeholders that you are committed to food safety and the transparency of your processes.

    By volunteering for the SQFI Select Site program, a site may forgo the three-year certification cycle requirement and voluntarily elect to have annual unannounced re-certification audits.  If annual unannounced re-certification audits are conducted by the site, then the protocol outlined for the three-year certification cycle audit shall be followed.  Sites with annual unannounced re-certification audits shall be recognized on the SQF certificate as an “SQFI select site.”

    For more information about the SQFI Select Site program click here.

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