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    2019 SQF Conference Focuses on SQF 2020 and Beyond

    The 2019 SQF Conference kicked off with a BANG! With thrilling performances, rousing breakout sessions, and plenty of coffee breaks, this year’s SQF Conference was truly the premier food safety education and networking event of the year. In this month’s issue of the SQF Newsletter, we recap some of the highlights of our annual event.

    The Power of Partnership

    The Passing Zone set the stage for the Conference with their captivating performance demonstrating the power of partnership and cooperation through an exciting use of acrobatics and magic tricks.

    SQF 2020 and Beyond: Shaping SQF Edition 9

    SQFI and the Food Safety Industry has been given a chance to shape the future of our industry together with the new Edition of GFSI Benchmarking Requirements set to be released in 2020. SQFI has looked to our stakeholders for the latest food safety challenges faced in facilities throughout the world.

    On Tuesday, November 5th, LeAnn Chuboff, Vice President of Technical Affairs at SQFI delivered a thought-provoking presentation using the results of the 2019 SQF Stakeholder Survey. She welcomed the thoughts and opinions of all attendees in her two-part session to Shape SQF Code Edition 9.

    SQFI Quality Achievement Awards

    Each year, SQFI recognizes individuals who go the extra mile in the name of food safety at the SQF Conference. This year’s finalists and winners have proven that they are truly one step above the rest in their dedication towards being mentors and role models, towards being trailblazers and go-getters, and towards creating a safer world for all.

    This year’s SQF Auditor of the Year Award was given to Shawna Wagner with DNV GL, who earned it with her dedication to her peers and sites. Wendy Edwards with Prolife Foods was awarded the 2019 SQF Practitioner of the Year for her unrelenting drive in improving food safety standards at her site.

    Taste of Texas

    Conference go-ers were treated to a taste of Texas at Knibbe Ranch, one of the last remaining Century Heritage Ranches in the state of Texas. Excited attendees lined up for buses to head to the ranch where they enjoyed an old-fashioned Texas barbeque featuring brisket, cornbread, and sizzling apple pie. Everyone moseyed on over to the corral to watch some barrel racing and bucking broncos.

    We here at SQFI would like to sincerely thank all our Stakeholders. The 2019 SQF Conference would not have been nearly as successful without everyone’s hard work, dedication, and attendance. Here’s to many more exciting SQF Conferences in the future!

    See you all next year in Orlando, Florida!

    2020 SQF Conference
    October 27-29, 2020
    Hyatt Regency Orlando
    Orlando, FL

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