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    Accurate Labeling to Reduce Recalls

    Accurate labeling and management of labels are key components of a successful food safety program. Failure to accurately follow Federal food labeling regulations can result in negative consequences such as product recalls, product detention, costly product reformulations and artwork updates, etc. This informative one hour webinar introduces participants to basic food labeling knowledge and skills they need to help reduce the risk of product recalls and negative implications due to mislabeling.

    • Learn the top five labeling control methods that can assist in reducing the risk of recalls due to a labeling error
    • Gain knowledge and tools to identify and avoid potential mislabeling risks and issues
    • Learn effective methods for R&D, product development, supplier approval, label control, formulation, and sanitation to ensure accurate labeling and reduction of risks associated


    Dodi Kingsfield, Manager Labeling Compliance, Mérieux NutriSciences

    DURATION: 37min

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