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    F2SR-A System for Social Responsibility

    We live in an age where consumers can receive endless amounts of information from just the click of a button. One retweet, one viral video, one uncontrolled narrative can put the health of a business in jeopardy. More than ever, consumers are hyper-focused on the ethics and social responsibility of companies small and large.

    Conducting a socially responsible business is no longer a choice, but an economic necessity. Every point of the supply chain – from farm to fork – has a key role to play in creating a socially responsible product, which requires a cohesive standard that goes beyond food safety that transcends sectors, industries, and trades.

    In a world where information hits consumers at an unprecedented pace, it is a welcoming sight to see companies adapting a verifiable system to do the right thing when no one is looking. SQFI’s newest standard, Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility (F2SR) is this system.

    It’s no longer enough to have high-quality products and services. Consumers have come to expect that quality doesn’t come at the expense of socially irresponsible practices. However, consumers also want an easy, verifiable way to make sure that what they buy doesn’t conflict with their conscience.


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