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    • 2018: Reflecting on a year of Shaping the Future of Food Safety Together
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    2018: Reflecting on a year of Shaping the Future of Food Safety Together

    Today, consumers’ tastes change very rapidly. They require more diverse products and seek to obtain their food through a variety of vehicles. These days, protecting the supply chain has never been more crucial.  As a result of shifting demographics and a more robust regulatory and legislative agenda, buyers must do more to protect their consumers and brands. These factors make it paramount to have an SQF program as part of your business plan; whether that means implementing an internal retail food safety management program or requiring SQF Certification for your supply chain.

    Here’s a little recap of our 2018:

    Food Safety Fundamentals

    Food safety is a critical component of a successful supplier/buyer trading partnership.  SQFI has created an approach for small to medium size food producers who don’t have a robust food safety program in place.  This program helps small suppliers start down the path of food safety management while satisfying immediate buyer needs.

    SQFI recently released the Fundamentals Program for Food Manufacturing and the Fundamentals Program for Primary Producers. Each program has both basic and intermediate levels and provides a step-by-step approach to improve food safety management. The SQF Fundamentals Program helps to facilitate retailer acceptance of entrepreneurs, providing food safety security and acceptance along the supply chain.  SQFI has also developed online and in-person training and free tools and resources to help these small to medium businesses understand how to  properly build their food safety plan. For more information, visit: https://www.sqfi.com/what-is-the-sqf-program/sqf-fundamentals-program/

    The SQF Food Safety Code for Retail

    The SQF Food Safety Code for Retail was introduced earlier this year as a part of the SQF Edition 8 suite of codes. Developed to provide corporate retailers with a robust program that compliments the high standards set for their suppliers, the Retail Code helps instill confidence in a retailer’s food safety program at both the corporate and store level. The SQF Retail audit differs from other third-party audits in that it examines a business as a whole, and how policies and requirements from corporate trickle down and are implemented in individual stores. This robust and comprehensive program gives corporate executives confidence in their policies and programs and helps everyone sleep better at night. https://www.sqfi.com/what-is-the-sqf-program/sqf-food-safety-program/

    SQFI received latest GFSI Benchmarking

    In 2018, SQFI submitted the SQF Edition 8 Codes to GFSI to be assessed against their new 7.1 Benchmarking Requirements.  The benchmarking process ensures that the SQF Edition 8 family of codes addresses new industry challenges and includes best practices and stakeholder input. The newly benchmarked SQF Edition 8 Codes include the SQF Code for Primary Production, Manufacturing, Manufacture of Food Packaging, and Storage and Distribution.

    Introducing a New SQFI Website

    To support SQFI’s role as the leading voice in Food Safety and Quality, we identified a need to redesign our website with the user’s experience in mind. We realized the website needed to be more intuitive and more user friendly for our stakeholders to navigate. We created an experience that allows any individual to navigate the website and learn about food safety and quality. We also wanted to ensure that those who needed food safety certifications were able locate information with the least amount of clicks possible.

    After many months of development, SQFI is excited to launch the newly redesigned www.SQFI.com along with many of its helpful new features. New features include a dynamic Events and Training page, interactive Certification Body and Training Center maps, a meticulously organized resource center, Hire a Scholar page, and much more.

    From all of us here at SQFI we wish you and yours a safe and happy Holiday Season!

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